Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Here's Ruth, my latest doll creation. Her pattern is from a book by Norwegian crafter Tone Finnanger. Finnanger's craft designs are also known under the name "Tilda." Although her books are available in the US, I get the impression from blogs that she's very popular in Europe.

Finnanger's doll designs--she has santas, angels, and animal figures--seems to all have the same basic body, face and clothing patterns. Ruth is adapted from one of these patterns. I decided I wanted to make a Spring doll.
Ruth's jacket is made from the sleeve of a thrift store blouse, and her dress is from the sleeve of a nightshirt. Her apron is a hankie from my collection.

Her hair is made from a partial skein of mohair yarn I had in my stash. The stuff is a dead ringer for "old lady hair," as my son observed. I took several lengths of yarn and tacked them loosely across the top of her head.Then I maneuvered the yarn into a French twist, which I also tacked down with a few well-placed stitches.

It was like playing beauty parlor. I made a braid, and then wrapped it into a crown.

Easy as pie, and isn't she lovely?
I thought about machine-embroidering her name on her jacket, but then thought that since she's going to live with my mom, I'll leave it to her to name her permanently. I think I've got a few more of these dolls in mind. I've got some corduroy pants that will make a great doll jumper.


Debra Spincic said...


Rian said...

That is just as cute as can be. I often admired the fantastic dolls at the huge LQS in Orange County where I used to shop, they had classes in dollmaking but I moved away. It's on my wonnathesedays list.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Amazing. The hair esp is quite moving!
You must feel a little like some magical wizard, creating these beings!

Judy S. said...

She's great! The hair and outfit are just perfect; your mom will love her.

Sue in western Washington, USA said...

Ruth is charming :- )
Can't wait to see who you create next!

Granny Fran said...

It's great how cute Ruth looks in her recycled finery.

Anonymous said...

I don't tend to like the design of most cloth dolls, but this one is just super cute! I like everything about her, and the hair idea is great! I've been wanting to make a soft doll but couldn't decide on a style. This one is a great inspiration!

Nettie said...

She's so pretty and springlike. I love the fabrics you chose and what a great idea to use thrift store stuff. One of my sisters makes doll clothes and i'll have to send her a link to this.

Finn said...

Hi Barb, Ruth is just delightful and a marvelous addition to the growing list of your creations. Please DO make more, each is better than the last. Love the spring fling thingy...her hair is the perfect touch. Great addition with the flowers. Bravo! Hurray fo the walking also! Hugs, Finn