Sunday, March 02, 2008

More Old Stuff

I scored some wonderful old quilt pattern books in a thrift store recently. These probably came from the same person's stash.
The yellow one is from the 70s, but the other books are undated. I assume they are from the 60s from the hairdo of the woman on the cover. My cousin Peggy, who was a teenager when I was in elementary school, wore her hair just like this. I thought it was very elegant.
There are some wonderful applique patterns in this book.

Wouldn't this bucking bronco be cute for a child?

This is a nice variation on the house pattern.

The caption at the top of the page reminds us of how some things have (thankfully) changed.


Allison Ann Aller said...

What a fine way for us quilters to track our history. These old books reveal more than just quilt patterns!...
Love the bucking bronco pattern too!

Judy S. said...

Hi Barbara,

What a fun bunch of books! I think you're right about the hairdo from the sixties. I well remember sleeping in rollers!

I'm happy to find a quilter who also likes to knit!

Debra Spincic said...

It could have said, "He Man Who Likes Her Comfort!"

Finn said...

Hi Barb, I love that you found those older books. They often have real treasure to offer, and are so often scoffed at by young quilters. I was thrilled to find The Mountain Artisans Quilting Book published back in 1973. It is hardbound and still has it dust cover...what a treasure of folk art type patterns.
I love that you are going to continue the bird project. What a great idea to use the bird fabric as background. You go girl!! Hugs, Finn

Rian said...

I have a friend who still wears that hairdo and she hasn't changed it once (not once!) since 1963. Has it come back in style yet? I love those old books. I especially like the little cookbooklets that came with appliances in the 50s and 60s.

Deb H said...

I have a copy of the Stitch 'n Patch book. It was the first quilting book I ever bought, long before I ever actually started quilting. I guess the desire was there 20 years before I actually got going!

Next Fiber Festival you should come along for real!