Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rummage Sale Two

I've been designing another quilt from the box of scraps that I got at the Methodist church rummage sale awhile back. The colors of the vintage 60s and 70s fabrics in the box remind me of earlier times and styles. Aqua was pretty popular in the 60s, and now you don't see it very much. I remember when I was a kid my mother made matching a-line polyester dresses for me and my sister one year. When I was in high school in the early 70s, the choir I was in wore identical long aqua polyester dresses. There must've been 25 or 30 of us, so you can imagine how it looked. The justification for the color choice was that this color looks good on everyone. I wonder how true that is.
I cut up some of these old fabrics and they decided they wanted to be paired with pink. Most of the center fabrics are from the rummage box, and I pulled some others from my stash that seemed to play well. I also threw in a bit of lime green for accent.
I'll have to think of a cool 60s movie name for this quilt. Any suggestions? Maybe something with Doris Day.

I guess the aqua vibe is in the air.
I got this beautiful necklace from Debra
as part of a swap. I just love the colors, and of course the little Virgin Mary beads are a reminder of our quilt series on the Madonna.


Vicki W said...

Love the quilt - very retro!

QuiltMom said...

Hi Barbara,

I love the color Aqua- there is something very soothing about it. Your quilt is going to be very funky looking-

Your necklace is really lovely-there are lots of interesting beads.Did you make one in exchange for someone else?

I look forward to seeing your quilt finished.

From another girl from the 70's,

swooze said...

Love the quilt colors!

Allison Ann Aller said...

You are right, Barbara...your quilt DOES remind me of my girlhood in the 60's. I just need to curl up with an issue of Seventeen Magazine under it and I will be set.
I just can imagine your lovely choir in all that aqua polyester. I'll bet you all looked fabulous.

Debra's necklace is exquisite...

Finn said...

Hi Barb, love the new quilt, and the using of the rummage sale fabrics. I was a young married woman in the 1960's and I'm sure you can come up a great title for the quilt from that era..*VBS* It's a cross between "Tutti-Frutti" and "Please Don't Eat The Daisies"...LOL
The necklace is just awesome and somehow very soothing to look at. Bet it's a joy to wear. Hugs, Finn

The Carolina Quilter said...

What wonderful fabrics; I love your embroidered piece and the farmer's market pix are to die for. They are so colorful and vivid. I'm not feeling well as I sit here at work surfing around to the various blogs and these pix cheered me up.

Rian said...

How about Please Don't Eat The Daisies? It was a movie from the 60s. The fabrics are sweet!