Saturday, July 21, 2007


This quilt is square, it just photographed crooked. Honest.

This is the second in my bird series for the 12x12x12 Challenge through Quilt Studio. I'm a quarterly participant and others are making a small quilt each month. Here's a link to my post about "Morning Glory," my first quilt in the series.

When I was finishing the quilt I realized that it looked like a sunflower, so I named it "Girasol," which is sunflower in Spanish. In the next quilts, I'll also be pairing flowers with birds, since I seem to have established a pattern. The color of the close-up photo is truer than in the photo of the whole quilt.

The outline of the bird is from a motif on a Mexican ceramic cup I have. The stitches inside the bird are called Dorset feather stitch (get it? feather stitch), which I read about in an English embroidery magazine. The pieced pickle dish block was an orphan in my stash. I'm very pleased with how it's turned out.

My next bird piece is designed and ready to go. I'm going to do lilies and a blue jay. I'm going to color some drafts of the motifs with colored pencils before I pick my threads and start.


Finn said...

Hi Barb, happy Saturday!! Boy, the summer is going fast!
I love the new 12 X 12 ! What can it say??? It's the feather stitch, love the leftover pickle dishes and love the buttons!

Using this as a shortcut, can I snitch your Scrap bag orphan pieces for the Thrain Blog?? I feel the more we can show interested gals, the more likely they are to get involved in 'this' form of recycling! I'll happily add your words vs mine is that is ok with you.
If I just could get how to do the live link thing! I'll keep trying!! Hugs, Finn

dee said...

Hi Barbara, This is such a happy looking piece. I just smiled when I saw it. Really nice and a perfect name too.

Susan said...

I really like the way you combined different quilting techniques, stitching, etc. on this one. It's so different from the first one! I can hardly wait to see how number 3 changes things. Love the stitch inside the bird.

Granny Fran said...

What a great way to use an orphan block. Love sunflowers and love this one. Watch out, with those colors, Debra S. will be trying to snitch this one. Clever to make a bird with feather stitches.

Catherine said...

I love that little bird too! I'm amazed how productive you are. I realize there is a whole culture and language around this quilting business--orphan blocks, challenges, pickle dish block...I have lots of questions when I see you next. My box of wool clothing made it here--I'm thinking of felting some wool sweaters too for more colors. Can't quite imagine how wool will compare to the work you do--yours is so bright and colorful. I think the feather stitch is just beautiful!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Hi Barbara!
It's so good to be back with my blogging friends...
...and to see this new piece of yours! I love the way it integrates folk art from Mexico and the USA...sometimes I think more peace and harmony among peoples and cultures is achieved through textiles than by any other means on this planet of ours!

Samantha said...

This is fabulous! i love the buttons added on!