Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Wednesday!

It's time again to post WIPs. I've managed to finish a quilt top I'm making as part of the 40 Quilt Service Project. The quilt was designed by Debra, the blocks were cut and pieced by Julie and it will be quilted and bound by Kay. If you're wondering Jules what happened to your blue setting triangles, I discovered an error in the formula for generating the size of those triangles, but there was plenty of fabric left to cut red ones. Because "waste not want not" is my motto, I'm going to use the blue triangles in my next service project. I found this great complimentary fabric in my stash and I'm taking votes on which option looks best:
I think I'm partial to the second option myself, it has almost a Provencal color scheme.

I've also done a bit of shopping. I had a great thrift store day recently and scored some quilting magazines and embroidery books.
I've set aside some clothes for embellishment, so these patterns will come in handy. And speaking of embellishment, I recently bought Altered Couture at Borders after having visited it in the store a few times. Yes, I balked at spending fifteen bucks on a magazine, but I decided it was really a book, which made it okay. It's full of great altered fashion ideas. It is light on instructions, but anyone with a modest sewing background can easily follow the instructions. Mostly it's a source of inspiration.

Speaking of inspired, those brilliant people at Alexander Henry have put out some new Mexican-themed fabrics. I was very happy to find this new print.
The images are from Mexican loteria, or bingo cards. I had actually looked for these images on the web, thinking of making fabric transfers, and now I'm ready to go. The possibilities are endless. Handbag? Embellished blouse or denim jacket?

I hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day. My honey and I had a wonderful lunch at a romantic crepe restaurant. This being a small town, we knew half the people there, but we had a dark table in the back, the day is rainy, and our hearts are warm. Good love to all.


sophie said...

The quilt top does not seem to be lacking without the blue setting triangles and it looks like you have a great start on a new service quilt (I also like option number 2).

The Mexican Loteria-inspired fabnric is fabulous ... I already know I'm gonna have to get me some of that ;-)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Well, I prefer option #1! That must mean that both options are good.
Your Amish quilt is just classic...will be loved for sure.

How happy that fabric must have made you!!! Of course I can see some of those images in a CQ....

Debra Spincic said...

My design looks great! Kudos to all of you for making this quilt happen!!

I like option #2 and especially if it is for a female soldier.

Lots of cool ideas for the lotto fabric-like Allie says, they have crazyquilt written all over them!

Jane Ann said...

What an interesting post! The QOV is perfect, and I agree with Allie re: #1. I guess the longer pieces of the yellow print make its "Provence-ness" more apparent and I love anything French.

You certainly scored at the thrift shop and the Mexican fabric has lots of possibilities.

Glad your V-Day lunch was romantic. Ours was awful. The restaurant is reliably good, but it was way over-taxed because evidently a local boss ordered dozens of take-out boxes for his staff. When our meal finally arrived it was not hot and not tasty. We didn't even bother with dessert, even though the place is known for its sweets. We gave up trying to have dinner out on V-Day years ago; maybe we'll give up on lunch too.

Rian said...

I'm for option #2. Probably because of the colorful borders.

The Loteria fabric is way cool, what a score!

We had crepes too! Like Jane Ann, the little restaurant was way overwhelmed and by the time we got our food we could have eaten the plate alone and enjoyed it. But the crepes were delicious.

Chelle said...

I like the 2nd option with the blue triangles. It's yummy!

Kay said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing this quilt.

Finn said...

Hi Barb, what a great looking quilt. The graphic look of it is just wonderful. And I'm voting for the second option also, it definitely have that Provance feeling..*VBS*
Good thrift store finds! have fun with those. Hugs, Finn

Susan said...

The top quilt is a wonderful example of optical illusion. I like it. Either way, but I prefer things not French. =) Looks like there's a divide here, so you'll have to make up your mind what *you* think.

Scrapmaker said...

I like option 1, but add in some cobalt blue and red from #2 into the border. Really, anything you like will be pretty.
Thrift store finds are always fun!Jen