Friday, August 11, 2006

Fan Update

I've done a few more fan blades on my crazy quilt. On the left is my version of Day 51's silk ribbon daisy. Next to that is jumbo rick-rack embellished with straight stitches, detached chains, and buttons. It reminds me of a Jane Sassaman tree.

On the left in this photo is whipped feather stitch and tiny caston flowers. I used slippery 2mm silk to whip stitch so it slides around a lot. I won't use that combination again. Next to that is some vintage trim embellished with beads, straight, and chain stitch. I ran out of the lavender pearl cotton before I finished the row, but I found more in my statsh today so I can finish up.

I starting to think about how to embellish the open spaces around the fans. These are some nice distinct spaces in which to do something special.


Rian said...

This looks great! You were smart to make the fans because all the stitching details are only so long. I look at some long stretches of seam and they are daunting.

I found the 2mm silk ribbon too slippery and fine, also. Next time I'll get the 4mm. Oh well, live and learn. I like the jumbo rickrack. I bought mini, another mistake.

Barbara C said...

The 2mm does make great chain stitch leaves--that's what I used for my daisy leaves. The mini rick-rack makes great stems, I've used it in applique before. No mistakes in CQ, just experiments.

Susan said...

I like your fans. The rick-rack is something I hadn't added - wasn't sure if it would look good, but the way you did it with the straight stitches makes it fit right in. I might have to try that, next time I'm where I can get some.

I used the 2mm to make a tiny rose the other day, and it looked good - with the 5 arms - spider thing. I'm sure it has a proper name, but it isn't coming to me right now. Old brains don't always think quickly. =) I only used the 2mm because it was what was available in the color I needed, but normally I wouldn't have tried it.

jenclair said...

The intricacy of these fascinates me. I'm having so much fun looking at the variations and love the "Sassaman" flower.

Debra Spincic said...

I have found that a tiny seed bead will hold the caston flower close to the surface. You may like it raised but it drives me crazy flopping in the wind! Have you tried the bullions yet? They are pretty cool!

I like that flower next to your shisha coin piece. I think it would look good with some of my YoYo flowers! *wink*

Micki said...

Your fans are looking great. Your stitching and embellishments are lovely.