Friday, June 16, 2006

Busy Days

Things have been very busy here behind the Redwood Curtain. We've had a lot of important family events, starting last month when my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, which meant a weekend trip to their house, about 6 hours away. It was a pretty quiet affair, since my parents' siblings are all at that stage in life when they don't travel very much, but we had a very nice celebration. As you can see from the photo, my parents married when they were practically still children.

This past week Allie both turned 18

...and graduated from high school

She has lined up a job working for the director of the local high school's art academy, which she participated in for the last two years. She'll be an administrative assistant, keep the website, do public relations (she's the P.R. queen) and if they get a grant they're applying for, she'll be the registrar for the next school year. During this time she'll also figure out what she wants to do next school and job-wise. I'm sure it'll be an exciting year.

And I've taking a few moments here and there to clean out my scrap drawers. I recently found this 4.5 inch log cabin pattern. It's the kind of mindless sewing I love most of all.

I've also decided to make these fabrics into this pattern.

Today is the second sunny day in a row. At Allie's graduation we sat outside in the hard drizzle, but hopefully summer has arrived. As Allison Aller requested, here are shots of my front yard, where the lavender is in bloom and where the lilies are about to explode.

With all this excitement, some things don't change, and some folks remain blissfully serene.


Allison said...

Yay, Barbara is back!
Sounds like a very fine three weeks since we last heard from you. Congrats on your lovely daughter's accomplishements, your parents' too....50 years is magnificent.
Loved seeing your yard...thanks so much. Your lillies and lavender are at the same stage as mine exactly..same gray skies, too...
And your quilts are going to be fabulous! I love log cabin sewing too....but that second one is going to be a knock-out.
Glad to have you back, Barbara!

Barbara C said...

Thanks Allie, it's great to be posting again!

Debra Spincic said...

I was just about to get worried! I was wondering where you were. . .

Looks like some interesting projects ahead. Have we both fallen off the Madonna bandwagon? I am sure there is another one we can get on soon!

Barbara C said...

Debra, yes, there does always seem to be another bandwagon on the horizon. I've got another Madonna in me, but it's a question of when I'll feel moved to work on it.

Debra Spincic said...

I still plan to do a Spring Madonna. The Winter one is fraught with problems and I don't have the energy to think about it just now but I will finish it too.

Allison said...

Did you girls know that Robin Atkins has your Madonna Idea on the links list on her new blog?

She's just starting her blog and it is really good. She is such a thoughtful person, and a great writer, too. Check it out!

Rian said...

Wow Barbara, you've been a busy girl! Your parents look GREAT--they must have been barely legal when they married. Congratulations and happy wishes on your daughter's coming of age and graduation. How wonderful!

Oh, and the log cabin quilt blocks are lovely! And so is your garden!

Life is very good. Happy times, I'm smiling for you.

Granny Fran said...

That scrappy Log Cabin is wonderful. I love the way you put fabrics together.
Lovely parents, lovely daughter, adorable cats, and nice garden.

Robin said...

I just have to say "ditto" to Granny Fran's comment. I've used log cabin techniques on beaded bags, and made one lopsided log cabin wall quilt, but NOW I have to make a bed quilt for our king sized bed with 8" scrappy log cabin blocks. Hope I can get it to be as fun as yours!

Being rather new to blog reading, I've been sampling all kinds of styles and subjects... yours is one of the fun ones... I'll be back!