Sunday, July 08, 2018

Snake in the Hollow Quilt

One thing I've been doing lately in finishing up some old WIPS.  This one is a hand-pieced quilt I started more than 10 years ago.  I remember working on this once while Alex played paintball, so he was in high school then, and he's now almost 28.  

I once had grand ideas of a full-sized hand-pieced quilt, but when I revisited this project, I said, better finished than perfect, let's get this one done.  It's perfect for a small table runner.  I sewed up the blocks by machine and machine quilted it along the undulating lines.  Bob the cat approves so much, he decided to take his nap next to it.  

It's fun to look at all the small prints I included.  One WIP down, I've got a few more to go.  


Judy S. said...

It's a perfect table runner! Nice work. I need to follow your example as there are some quilt WIPs waiting for me, too. And then there are the knitting ones......

Debra Dixon said...

I'm with you! Better to rethink some projects into something you can enjoy now. It's a great colorful runner that looks super on your table.