Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Forest Creatures (45 x 62)

Yes, it's another small quilt.  This one began with a panel, Bohemia by Julie Paschkis, I bought at a snooty quilt shop in New York.   I spied the very charming panel on a a wall and asked for one when I was checking out.  They brought me a neatly folded piece of fabric in a plastic bag.  When I got to my hotel room, I was disappointed to see that the panel looked like it had been cut in the dark by someone who'd forgotten to wear her glasses.  Yes, it was bad!   It was crookedly cut through the motifs and I got what I figured was an insufficient amount of the pretty prints around them.

When I ran across the panel recently, I was moved to cut into the thing to restore some of its lost dignity.  I salvaged the motifs and had fun digging though my scraps to make up the four-patch blocks.  The border is a piece of fake bark cloth.

I'm going to back it with one of these pieces of fleece.  I'm really in love with fleece backed quilts these days.  I'm partial to the orange, but you can talk me down if you think otherwise.


margaret said...

what a good idea to personalise the panels and make them far nicer than they were. I vote for the orange as a backing. Think you will bye pass the New York shop next time you are there

Magpie Sue said...

What a shame about the panel! It looks like you did a good job salvaging it though. I must have missed that line by Julie P. I've loved all of her other prints; bought them but haven't used them because they're so special.

We've had a touch of fall here too. I actually welcomed the rain this time around!