Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Lucky me, I was in New York last week to do a poetry reading at Bryant Park, as part of the Word for Word series.  Lucky me, I stayed in midtown, near the Garment District.  There's an active zone of production and distribution in the area, which includes clusters of fabric stores for retail and wholesale, handbag shops, and costume jewelry stores.  I spent a pleasant afternoon scouting supplies for my next crazy quilt.  The trims above are from Daytona Trimmings on W 39th St.

I picked up these beads on clearance in a large shop that I happened upon.

These trims are from the large, well-lit and extraordinarily well-stocked M & J Trimming on 6th Ave.  I especially like the velvet trims.

Lucky me, once I got home (with a terrible cold--I seem to pay for my travels by getting sick lately) my daughter was here to celebrate her birthday.  Yes, that's a number 26 on her cake, where does the time go? 


margaret said...

you have certainly got some lovely trimmings for your crazy blocks. Your daughter is just a youngster,happy birthday from me, my 2 will be 42 and 38 in the next few weeks I must be getting old!

Rian said...

Nice score! Oh to be 26 again...