Friday, May 30, 2014

Time Travels

I took my first trip of the summer to attend my 40th high school reunion.  We had a pretty good turn out: almost 1/3 of the Immaculate Conception Academy class of 1974.  ICA is a girls' Catholic school in San Francisco, and it's one of 3 that survives of the 9 girls' Catholic high schools that were available in the city when I was a teen.  That's me, third from the left in the back row.

It was a fun event,  some people I recognized right off, and others I recognized after looking into their faces for a moment.  People's personalities were remarkably consistent.  There's an 18 year old inside us looking out, not matter how old we get.  I was impressed by the number of people who still have teens at home, as well as by the folks who are already grandmothers.

On the same trip I visited my parents, who live in a town (Lodi, California) with great thrift stores.  I got the linens in these  photos for less than $2.  The handkerchief on the top left is actually a set of 3 identical hankies. 

I also got this embroidered luncheon cloth, and a monogrammed tea towel, and a doily embroidered with crewel yarn (not shown).

On the last leg of my trip I got to visit my daughter Allie, now living in the Bay Area, 6 hours from home.  She's becoming a big city woman.   It was a sweet journey all the way around.


Debra said...

I had no idea Allie had moved so far away from home.
Looks like a good weekend!

margaret said...

what a reunion, must have been great to catch up with old school friends, I have lost touch with all but one of mine. Icing on the cake to also see your daughter on the way home, such a shame we are so far from close family members these days.

Rian said...

Oh what a fun trip! You look ALL do! Nice score at the thrift shop.

Jodi said...

Hey, Barbara, I, too, went to an all-girl catholic school. Mine, unfortunately, is now closed. My graduating class was only 68 girls. Love your linens, and so nice that you caught a visit with your daughter.