Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stitching Away

My university closes for the whole Thanksgiving week, so I've had some much-needed downtime to sit and do some sewing.  My daughter wanted a new apron.  I've made her half aprons for work (she's a restaurant cook) in the past, but this time she wanted a full apron.  I used a "heirloom" apron my son made in middle school (about 10 years ago).  I still wear it when I cook.  Allie wanted hers to be a little wider, so I allowed for a few more inches at the sides, and made it longer, but otherwise used Alex's apron as a pattern.

I cut the fun faux-1950s kitchen fabric and the lining at the same time with the rotary cutter.

I rotary cut long strips for the ties, pressed to the middle, and top-stitched.

Allie asked for a pen holder...

...a big pocket, and a loop.

Success!  Even Louie the cat is impressed.


margaret said...

just the job, if she is anything like me though it will get splashed with fat and all sorts of unmentionables!

WendyCarole said...

Great pinny ( I mean apron :)