Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Quilts

Debra asked for baby quilt tops to donate to a program that allows incarcerated women to keep their infants with them.  I was very interested in supporting these women and their children, and the idea of making a few baby quilts appealed to me.

I spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon whipping out these tops.  The pink and green one was from a set of blocks I had made with an eye toward a larger quilt.  What a relief to make one more pink block, put on a border and be done!

This quilt's center is a pre-printed panel left over from another  project.  I added two borders, the outside one being from The Fabric That Would Never Die.  Debra sent me a bunch of this blue tropical fabric years ago for some charity quilt project, and she sewed up a bunch of it too, and yes, there's still some in my stash.

The blue and yellow fabric in this quilt is flannel, and the novelty fabric is regular cotton.

Here I used another novelty panel, added a border, and voila.

This has been so satisfying, I think I'll make more until Debra tells me to stop.  I may also stash a few of these for gifts.  If I want to finish a big quilt, I'll trick myself by breaking it into baby quilt-sized units.


margaret said...

I am sure the Mum`s will love these quilts for their babies, they will brighten up their time whilst locked up

beth said...

love.love.love that first one!

Judy S. said...

Great work! They will be loved, for sure.

Magpie Sue said...

What size is Debra recommending for the baby quilt tops? I may be able to contribute. Small projects are currently more appealing than bigger ones!

Jodi said...

These are so cute, and great fabrics. I like your idea of tricking yourself into thinking you're ONLY making a baby quilt - I should adopt that so maybe I can get more things done!