Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Now that my sewing room is in order, I've resurrected some UFOs.  This quilt languished because I couldn't decide whether it was done, or if I was going to try to make it bigger.

At one point I made these blocks to make it bigger, but I didn't get the color placement right in some of them, and so I'm not crazy about the blocks.  I think I've decided that the quilt is done in it's current incarnation without the extra blocks.  At 42 x 42" it's big enough for a wall hanging or table topper.  Not that I need either, mind you.  I think that's also why this project got stalled.  I have decided that if I finish it, its purpose will eventually become clear.

I also brought out my basket blocks and I've actually been sewing up more of these.  They're 6" blocks, so I'll need lots of them to make anything of consequence.

I love ric-rack, and I'm using it for the handles of the baskets, sewing them up in same-color batches while I've got the right color thread in the machine.

They're very cheerful.  If you zoom in on the pictures of the first quilt, it has ric-rack too.  Maybe I'm working in a series now.


beth said...

I'm working on baskets right now as well. Yes....You need a few baskets to make a quilt! I'm finding THAT out. ;)
As I read your post, I could identify with your UFO. I need to make the quilt, but am not sure sometimes Who or WHAT it's for. Hence...the mostly finished but Unfinished quilt!

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

What amazing UFO's you have! I can't get enough of all those patterns in the first top. :)

margaret said...

good to see you are finishing off UFO`s, the ric rac looks good on the baskets

Magpie Sue said...

So how would the baskets look around the UFO flimsy?