Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sewing Room Re-Do

My sewing room wasn't that bad, but 

it needed painting and it seemed like every cast-off piece of mismatched furniture ended up there.  Note especially the twin bed, an 80s white laminate with gold accents, that was my (now 25 year-old) daughter's first bed.  I liked having a daybed in the room, but it wasn't quite as stylish as I'd wanted.  The desk I use for my sewing machine is a thrift store find, used just the way I found it.

I gave the room a DIY rescue.  First the bed got reconditioned with Mod-Podge and four rolls of Target wrapping paper.  

Laminate takes decopage very well.  Apply the Mod Podge, wet the paper and stick it down, apply more  Mod Podge.  Easy.

For the head and foot board, I tore the paper into random chunks and overlapped it.  This fit the paper's overall design.

The bed got new linens and pillows.  I spray painted the old drawer pulls silver to match the paper.

The desk drawer fronts got some textured paintable wallpaper and a coat of Benjamin Moore's Pink Popsicle.  Then I highlighted the textured parts with the same beige paint I used to paint the room.  It also got new drawer pulls.

The drawers got the remaining wrapping paper, and the larger drawer bottoms were covered with a layer of cork, since they were warped.

Since my ex-husband's passing earlier this year, we ended up with some of his furniture.  This table, which had lived in this room years ago when we were married, came back.  I've got the sewing machine on it for now, but once the paint cures, it will go on the pink desk, and this will be my cutting table.

These bookcases came up from the garage.

I decided to display one of my old Singers.

My button collection went into jars I found around the house.

 The daybed is popular with the cats

and it's a favorite place for me too.


Debra Spincic said...

Nice Redo! I love seeing your Madonna pieces around the room too. Lovely!!

Brenda said...

looks great. where do you keep the messy stuff that comes with sewing and quilting, lol?

margaret said...

what a great room, yours is the second makeover blog I have read today and you both have desks for the sewing machine, I am now on the lookout as they work so well for the machine. Great cutting table and wish I had spare bookcase, when things are on one you can see at a glance what you are looking for instead of wasting hours like I do searching for things in boxes drawers etc.

beebee said...

Love it. You did a great job!

Magpie Sue said...

Happy, happy, happy! Now all you need to do is paint and/or decoupage the bookcases!