Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bistro Aprons

I made another batch of bistro aprons for my daughter the cook.  Her aprons take a beating, so a new batch was in order.

I can get each side of a double-sided apron from a yard of fabric.  I gave measurements and instructions for single-sided aprons in this earlier post. For the double-sided apron, make two sides, line up rights sides together, and stitch around the edge, leaving a small opening through which to turn it right side out. Then simply slip stitch the opening and attach the ties.

I tried to give each apron a dark side, and I also positioned darker fabrics toward the top, where my daughter wipes her hands.  Piecing different fabrics allowed me to use up some fabrics that were less than a yard.

I got to use up some fun black fabrics.

This apron has a Madonna panel on one side.  Perhaps she'll provide some protection from burns and cuts, or insure tasty outcomes.


Rian said...

Now those are what I call fun aprons!

beebee said...

cute aprons.....you did a great job on them.


Judy S. said...

Fun! Those should inspire some great cooking sessions.

Susan Elliott said...

I think it's great that she wears snazzy aprons made by her Mom!