Sunday, June 17, 2012

May CQJP Block and Buttonhole Wheels

I caught up with the CQJP challenge and finished my May block.

On the blue patch I did the butterfly stitch from last month's TAST challenge.  I took out a bag of crewel embroidery thread, which I used here to tie the "butterflies."  I'll be using this more, it adds some nice texture.  I added minimal seam embellishments behind the vine, just to balance things out.

I figured out the knotted cretan stitch, shown above in coral, and embellished it with some French knots and lazy daisy stitch.  I found this birdcage in the jewelry section of a craft store, and hung it from the vine.  It's pinned in place temporarily, and I'll stitch it down when I piece the final project together.

Here's my semi-naked June CQJP block.  The cardinal print was a gift from Debra.

In stitching the buttonhole wheels, I stitched it once in a dark gold crewel thread, and then repeated the stitch over the completed wheel with a lighter gold thread.

The hand is also a jewelry component.  I'm going to figure out a way to camouflage the rings at either end of the piece.

...Some half wheels.

Not a bad start on this block.

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Deb said...

I love those buttonhole wheel flowers in the last picture, and the hand - she looks kind of like she's holding a key. So pretty,and I love the little touches of black. It really adds something to the block. I had some of those same green leaf beads, and wish I could find more of them. Another stunner!