Sunday, December 19, 2010

All is Calm, All is Bright


This is the season of calm and bright, but the swirl of daily life continues nonetheless.  I'm almost done grading finals, and grades are due in a couple of days.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share the wall quilt I'm making in fits and starts.  In the outer border you can see some of the scraps of Debra's 12 original yards of Hawaiian fabric that has gone into so many quilts, but is still not quite used up.  Debra also posted some scrap blocks yesterday that feature some of this won't-die fabric.

The beautiful focal point of this quilt is a fabric print by Flor Larios, who sells  her lovely folkloric prints, including prints on fabric and other goods, in her etsy shop.  If I sat down for a couple of hours I could finish this piece.  Maybe it'll happen in a few days.

Here's the calm and bright scene in front of my stove.  All the cats decided to call a truce to share the warmth of the fire.  The black cat, Wee, is visiting from the kids' apartment.  When they both work on the weekend, she gets lonely, and likes to come to "kitty daycare" at my house.  We've had Wee for 15 years, and she was our original cat.  The others are, in her view, interlopers.  She's happy to visit the old homestead, and knows the routines at my house, then Allie picks her up and takes her home after work.

A favorite place by the fire is this cat bed I crocheted using triple strands of old acrylic yarn.  I used this free pattern for a crocheted bag as a reference for the increases and decreases.

Fun fur trimming make this kitty bed extra elegant. 

Happy holidays to everyone.  I hope your corner of the world is calm and bright.


Magpie Sue said...

I'm going to have to go check out that Etsy shop! Meanwhile, about what size/diameter is your crocheted cat bed? I want to make a cat cushion for my daughter's cat but don't have a clue as to appropriate size.

Kay said...

I had to laugh at the picture of your peaceful cats. We just got a new kitten yesterday and our resident cat hates him. She hides, then comes out to hiss furiously and run away again. He seems to be thinking "What's your problem?" As I was reading your post, she came out of hiding, sniffed at HER mouse he had played with earlier, hissed and snarled, and stalked off. He has been sound asleep in front of the fire about two feet away through the whole drama.

I love the little madonna quilt; the print is sweet and lovely without being too sentimental and the star design sets it off well.

I hope you get the grades in successfully, and can relax.

Debra said...

I have to say that the blue fabric is really quite nice with your Madonna piece! It's just so adaptable!

No fire and no cats here but everyone is home safe and sound.

beth said...

That bed does look elegant!! My goodness! And...your quilt is lovely! The music fabric in there did make me hum along with your blog title: All is calm.....

Rian said...

Oh, that is a WONDERFUL quilt!!! No fire and no cats here either.

Finn said...

Love your new Calm and Bright quilt. I would never have thought to use 4 patches for the corners of the star...that is a neat idea and I love the extra movement it gives.
The pic of the fire in the stove and the vegging cats is just perfect! Would love to have that one on a calendar...LOL Wish I were curled up with them, right there by the fire.
Calm and bright is very much a state of mind, from day to day. Today it is accompanied by multiple snowflurries that think they might be part of big event! Another winter storm watch for us..and more snow!
Great idea, your cat bed, wonder if it would convince Ebby to give up mine?? Probably not, mine has heating assistance...LOL. Have a very holly, jolly holiday dear friend, Hugs, Finn

Judy S. said...

Your newest Madonna is fabulous, Barbara! It sure looks like a difficult pattern. Love your kitties. Mocha has taken to moving my yarn from place to place, very interesting! Enjoy your time off once you get the grades submitted. And thanks for your good wishes. It helps! Merry Christmas!

sophie said...

What a fabulous quilt you are creating around that lovely mMdonna. Maybe the blue fabric won't die because it needed to stick around long enough to be included in this quilt ;-)

quiltmom said...

Hope all the papers are now marked and you have some time to enjoy some rest and relaxation like those kitties of yours. They sure know how to lay about in front of the fire.
Wishing you a wonderful festive season.
All the best in 2011.
Warmest regards,
Anna said...

Nice to see your quilts ! It is Beautiful!
Thank you again.