Friday, August 06, 2010

Vintage Baby Saque

I've been straightening the stash, and I came across this baby saque. I've had it so long, I don't remember where it came from. It's pre-printed with a design for embroidery, and it had little holes around the edges of the finished garment. Michael's son and and daughter-in-law are expecting their second baby, and it's a girl, so it seemed time for this project to get made.

I think these little projects were once widely available. They seem like the kind of think you could have once bought at the 5 and 10 and embroidered for your baby. I imagine that this one is from the 50s or 60s, but maybe someone has a better memory of this than me.

I quickly embroidered the front, but then I had to figure out how those holes figured into the finished saque. After surfing the net, I saw a photo of a similar garment. The holes are for crocheting an edging.

It's almost scary that I had the right size crochet hook (I think a 7) and some DMC cotton in the exact color I needed. After giving the piece a much-needed wash, which removed the markings, I trimmed a narrow hem around the edge and added a row of single crochet. I was planning to do a picot edge, but I like the plain look.

I remember that these baby gowns used to come with ribbon ties, which to me are totally impractical. I added buttons and added a row of button holes to the crochet.

Voila! Finished at last.


beth said...

That is the SWEETEST little baby gift I have ever seen. I love the crochet edge, the embroidered decoration...everything. LOVELY! It really makes me want to practice crocheting!

Quiltnbee said...

Adorable, they will love it =-) When I was a little kid I used to spend my allowance on stamped embroidery pieces at the 5 and 10 at our little shopping center (even instead of at their candy counter!)...bibs, tea towels, etc., and I'd buy miscellaneous hanks of yarn and come home and crochet something, anything, just so I was crocheting... I loved it...hints of things to come, I see! =-) The flat fold fabric table was always a draw, too =-) I would comb the aisles for treasures while my momn was at the grocery store. Some things never change, it seems...

quiltmom said...

What a special baby gift that you have created. It really is lovely.
I do remember nightgowns with ties.
I am sure that the parents are going to treasure something so beautiful.

Debra said...

So sweet and hopefully you are taking a pattern off of it before giving it away.

Allison Ann Aller said...

This is so dear, with so much soul Barbara!

Judy S. said...

You have created a one-of-a-kind treasure, Barbara! I love it, and so will they.

Magpie Sue said...

So sweet! What a treasure :- )