Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Starts and Finishes

I finished piecing the Bee Quilt top. This has been a slow quilting year for me. I've been looking at this top in progress all year it seems. I settled on borders, sewed the whole thing together, and was glad to get it off my design wall.

I'm not thrilled with the border, but done is done and I used up almost all of these fabrics.

So now on to something new. While dawdling about finishing Bee, I've been combing through my fabric stash and cutting up everything smaller than a FQ into strips (3", 2.5" and 1.5") and squares (5"), some of which are fussy cuts of charm fabrics. I'm freeing up a lot of storage space, and I've got lots of nice piles of scraps to play with.

It was very freeing to come up with this:

...and then this:

I'm sewing together the individual blocks. There will be sashing. Maybe black...with skeletons.


beth said...

The border on that first quilt adds SO MUCH. I'm glad you added it! And I also love the second quilt! I love your creativity!

Debra said...

Did you decide how to finish out The Bees top?

You are so clever with scraps. All of mine look so uninspiring to me right now.

Judy S. said...

Looks to me like you've been having fun! I like your B-border; it adds a lot of interest. Can't wait to see how the second one progresses.

quiltmom said...

What great fabrics in your scrap quilt- Barbara I love all the different faces in it.
I love the stitchery bees- My mom used to have a number of Aunt Martha embroidery patterns - She made pillowcases and tea towels and the occasional tablecloth. She did lovely needlework- unfortunately she is not able to do embroidery now- it bothers her hands too much. The bee quilt is a very fun quilt- I like the borders- they add some nice interest to the quilt. Very fun Barbara.
How goes the empty nest?

Allison Ann Aller said...

Well, I AM thrilled with that border on the Bee quilt!

Very cool to see Barbara in pure play mode, too. ;-)

Magpie Sue said...

LOL! My son is sitting here with me... when I read to him that you were thinking of sashing this with skeletons he said, "And she isn't making this quilt for you?!?" I LOVE what you've got going on here, and I would steal that Bee quilt out of your house if I knew how to get away with it.

And now I know what color to paint my sitting room (if and when I ever gt it): New Mexico Sky Blue.