Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I bought a new bike to get around without the car a bit more. (Gas was $4.55 here today.) It's a Schwinn Roxie, it has seven gears and an hand break. It's like the bike I had as a girl, it's very retro and cool, if a bit of an old lady bike.
I test-drove Roxie with Michael, his son Arjuna, and Arjuna's girlfriend Alyssa, who came for Memorial Day weekend. We cruised on the pasture and farm land that borders my neighborhood.
Here's a pretty view of an inlet of Humboldt Bay.
The landscape is dotted with the occasional old house, ancient barn and windswept trees.
There's a working dairy right next to my neighborhood, and cattle are also grazed nearby.

The bike is pretty fun though Alyssa (who commutes by bike in San Francisco) said riding Roxie is like driving a sofa. Today I rode to Michael's house and only had to walk up two of the steeper hills. Two old folks on bikes passed me on the first one.


Debra said...

"like driving a sofa"! Ha, ha! that's a hoot!

My reponse to the gas prices is to stay home.

Rian said...

Nice ride. I bought a bicycle once, it wasn't for me. I love that Michael's son's name is Arjuna. Very cool.

Allison Ann Aller said...

"Zoids"!!! How great to see them!
That's what Robert and I used to call our Jersey heifers (as in "Jer-zoids"). These look nice and healthy in a fresh field of grass.

What beautiful country you live in...

Scrapmaker said...

Good on you for getting a bicycle! I have been thinking about it, but I'm too afraid of the terrible traffic. The countryside looks so serene and lovely. Jen

Magpie Sue said...

This makes me wish I could safely ride a bike for my quick trips to the organic food market. (The exhaust fumes from the other traffic would kill me!) Our little independent bike store had the coolest retro bike in their window. {sigh} Looks like you have a lovely area to ride through too :- )

Finn said...

Never fear, Barb, you'll be catching up with those old folks in no time! Good for you for hitting a new kind of petal. Love the scenery...beautiful! Hugs, Finn