Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Week in Review

I'm still knitting infant socks and hats for the Afghans for Afghans project. I'll probably make up a couple of more things and then pack up my donations and get them into the mail at the end of the week. Doing all this knitting has reminded me that one reason I started quilting is that machine work is easier on the joints. I've enjoyed these small portable projects for a good cause, but I really have to take lots of breaks to prevent my wrist from complaining too much.

Thrift store shopping is of course much easier on the joints. I recently came across a bag of packages of rick rack. I love these labels. You can tell the age of these packages by the prices. These 10-cent packages have gone up quite a bit in recent times.

I've designated an old cookie tin as my rick rack box. With all this rick rack, I may have to work on my Mississippi Wheel of Fortune blocks again.
I've done another bee block from the vintage embroidery patterns. I like the way these bees are shown helping each other and the way that the male and female bee are both portrayed doing domestic chores together. This seems pretty enlightened for the time these patterns were originally drawn.
Look, there's a baby bee in the hive. Is that cute or what?


JoWynn Johns said...

Ah-ha! You are already incorporating text with images in your embroidery.

Allison Ann Aller said...

You are rich in rick rack! I sure love that stuff, I have a big box, too.
The wrappers are great ephemera for future collages, too...

The embroidery is really sweet. Does it put you in an old-fashioned state of mind while you are doing it?

...and thanks for sending some warm love to those Afghan kids from America....

quiltmom said...

Hi Barbara,
I really loved your bee embroidery- I remember my mother had those designs in her embroidery transfer patterns. She made tea towels and more often beautiful pillow cases and gave them to people as wedding presents. Occasionally she still makes pillowcases and gives them with a set of pillows as a gift but she finds it harder to do the needlework she once did.
The rick rack is fun and what a great price.
Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

Rian said...

Love the rick rack. It brings back memories of my childhood. I have an old crochet hook that I bought in the 70s, I store it in its original container--it cost 29 cents.

Finn said...

Hi Barb, love the little knitting projects. I experience similar wrist problems with knitting..and I've found my right shoulder isn't crazy about my crocheting either..LOL
Guess I'd better stick to sewing. The 'bee' embroidery is just super! Love the designs you found.
Birthday quilts are fun...I like both ideas...and especially a gal whose brave enough to back with orange! Hugs, Finn

Daisy Debs said...

I just had a thought ........ ALL worker bees are male ........LOL !!!