Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Political Aside

I live well off the beaten path. People who live here refer to this place as "behind the redwood curtain" because it is remote and tenuously connected to the outside world by a highway vulnerable to rock slides and by a small airport. The railroad track washed out at a critical juncture 10 years ago and has yet to be re-connected. It had been 40 years since a U.S. president had come to Humboldt County until yesterday.

Bill Clinton came through yesterday campaigning for Hilary. He spoke to a group of 400 people and my kids and I had seats in the second row. He spoke eloquently for an hour without notes about public service and about Hilary's record. He's a smart, dynamic speaker and a charismatic presence. I learned a lot about Hilary's accomplishments that I hadn't known before. He also talked about how her experience should be viewed as an asset and not as a stigma.

That's my friend Susan on the far right. She and Bill have matching hair color. I was two seats away.
Here's my friend Wurlig standing next to Bill.

My kids and I all shook hands with a U.S. president. It was inspiring to hear his message about the importance of leadership and service, and to hear some of Hilary's solutions to important issues confronting us as a nation.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Love your blog's new look!

I have mixed feelings about Bill, but it must have been fascinating to hear him speak. Good of him to come behind that Redwood Curtain.

Anonymous said...

Love Bill, love Hill, love your new look.

I would have been right beside you on that second row. Thanks for the pictures and the post.

Rian said...

Whatever one can say about Bill Clinton, he is a charismatic politician. And he is working hard for his wife. It must have been very exciting to see him up close.

Debra Spincic said...

When I was in jr hs, Pres Johnson came to the local community college and while out in the crowd shook hands with my mother (I was at home). She came home all excited and I did the "So What?" routine. I was so grounded.

I recently learned that most people think seeing or even touching a Pres is a huge, huge once in a lifetime opportunity. Oops, guess I really deserved to be grounded.

I have always been charmed by a charismatic man. I am sure I would have been spellbound. But, gosh, hasn't his hair turned white?

Aside from the personal issues of the Clintons, I really admire them.

Sue in western WA said...

Great pix! It is an experience to get to see someone that well known up close and personal, that's for sure.

sophie said...

I think whenever you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a president or former president, you see the powerful charisma that's necessary to be elected to office. (My experience was with Jimmy Carter, when he was speaking in San Francisco about 10 years ago).

Ps. While I have your attention, I want to pass on this award. I'm a quiet reader who really enjoys your blog.