Sunday, December 30, 2007

In the Dark

The days are so dark and wet that I feel like I should be hibernating. Plus I'm on vacation, so I've reached the point of any good vacation where I'm not quite sure what day of the week it is. This deep part of the winter can be a little disorienting.

I was feeding Michael's cats while he went out of town for a few days. Next to his mailbox, there is a forest of toadstools. Some things thrive in dark wet days.
Michael's babies, Bob and Violet, are little furry rays of sunshine. They're happy to see me when I come to fill up their bowls.
Christmas lights and a fire are also important to ward off the darkness. This is the illusive Wee, our number one cat. We've had her the longest, and she was an only cat for many years. She's camera shy and more than a bit crabby. The other cats have chipped away at her status as number one, but she still gets the best place by the fire.

But even these dark days have been productive. Here are a couple of last minute gifts I made. Allie wanted a sleeve for her laptop. This one is flannel.
Michael got an apron made from a fabric printed with Hawaiian shirts.

I also finished a baby quilt for a student who is a new mom. I made a bunch of these blocks awhile back, and they've come in handy.
This quilt
has been successfully made larger. It's in the closet now at the head on the line to be pin based and quilted.
Yes, it's dark and wet and cold, but I look around me and my world is filled with light and bright colors. I hope you fill these dark days with your own brilliant lights.


Sue in western WA said...

"Bob and Violet." What wonderful cat names!

Your flower pot quilt is so cheerful. It's the perfect thing to brighten up a dark day :- )

Enjoy what's left of your vacation and I hope you have a very happy new year.

Susan said...

Those toadstools are amazing! Your last minute projects look like the kinds of things that anyone would want, and the posey quilt border was a great addition.

I hope you have the whole week off ahead of you. One more nice thing about retirement is that the calendar goes one way, and I go the other, for the most part. I rarely am sure of the date without looking at one. =)

Judy S. said...

Love the baby quilt! Those bright and cheery colors will chase the dark away. Here in WA it's dark, too, but our toadstools seem to be a sure sign of fall.

Happy New Year, and enjoy your remaining days off,

Judy S.

Debra Spincic said...

No darkness here in Houston-maybe you should come visit me during the dark days. Not cold either--I was grouching to Wes this morning that the house is way too warm. Ate my breakfast with the back door open.

Love the posey quilt!

Rian said...

Here's hoping your dreary days perk up soon. We are past the solstice and the days will start getting longer soon.

Allison Ann Aller said...

As always, I love seeing your cheerful quilts.
And I couldn't help but admire that gorgeous rug you's in the picture of Wee. It looks so homey there by the woodstove, and with the boots drying there, too! ;-)