Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Quilter's Walk

Today I walked to work. The morning was foggy but by the time I got there the sun was breaking through. This is the loveliest time of year here. Lots of people were riding bikes and walking, enjoying the day. I miss so much when I'm in my car, but today I took my camera with me and made a mental note of things to photograph on my way back when I wasn't in such a hurry. One was this interesting quilt-like display of shells on brick. It reminded me of Native American textiles that are decorated with shells.

At home I've been fiddling with three quilts. The Japanese Lady quilt now has some blocks to accent the focus fabric. I made one or two according to the pattern directions, and then I decided to wing it. I like the variety of colors and pattern. I'm also auditioning fabrics for the inner borders.

This paper pieced scrap pattern from Quilter's Cache used up a lot (but of course not all) of my small scraps. I'm auditioning borders for this one too and looking for something red to finish it up.

And this is my over the top crazy scrap project. I made the blocks for the center medallion some time ago. I thought the log cabins I recently made might set it off, and then I remembered this stash of green and white half-square triangles. I think this is going to be an experimental piece, something made strictly from the gut from whatever my hand touches first.


Allison said...

Barbara, I know that intuition is the best guide in trust your gut and follow your hand!
Love the shells photo...savor those summertime walks, friend!

Rian said...

I love the colors in your Asian quilt. Yummy!

I like the big red floral border on the right.

The seashells were interesting. I saw some recently that were crushed up and smushed into concrete.

Debra Spincic said...

That shell picture is just FABO! Can I have the file? I would love a picture framed for my house!

I know you are going with intuition but I think the red flowers are too big and (over)powering for your blue and red scrap blocks. How about a bold stripe instead?

Are you going to cut those Chinese girl patches apart and add a border between each of them?

Debra Spincic said...

that's funny! Rian and my comments posted almost simultaneously! You can see we differ on the Red Flowers!! LOL!

Barbara C said...

hmm...interesting difference of opinion about the big red flowers. I still haven't cut the fabric--I'm stuck in the icky paper-removing part of the paper-piecing process--so anything can happen.

I'll send you the file Debra. It'll be fun to have a picture from here show up in Texas. And yes, smaller pieces of the Japanese ladies fabric will be cut into rectangles for the outer borders and broken up with pieced blocks ( hope that makes sense).